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The road that leads up through our community is known as ruta 320, designated as not just a "public road", but a federal highway. We call it the Carara Mountain Road. A beautiful drive, curving back and forth as you ascend the mountain, from sea level to 2000 ft above the beaches and then continuing on through the mountains and farm communities, ending at the town of Puriscal near San Jose. From the turnoff from the “Costanera” highway, you will drive past 15 homes, a riverfront eco-resort with 100 rooms and a full service restaurant and bar, then at 1000 ft, a two-story 12,000 sq foot Ocean View boutique hotel, restaurant and bar, and across the road from that, a second Ocean View restaurant. From there, we continue past the bottom 7 phases of Carara Ocean View Community with several new homes, continuing up the road to the higher phases with several homes, culminating in the homes and restaurants at Pura Vida Botanical Gardens and Waterfall Adventure Dining.

Our Neighboring Community at the bottom is the artisanal fishing town of Tarcoles, where we get all our fresh seafood and fish. Our neighbors at the top are in the farming community of Bijagual and the Turrubares area.

We spent 2004-2014 doing the raw land development work (that continues ongoing on other future phases) and  have several custom home builders on the mountain, as we prefer to custom build to what the client wants. 

The early retail phase of Carara Ocean View Community began in 2015 with the 1st Villa completed at the top on Eagles Peak, and since then there have been several more homes built.

Carara Ocean View Community offers a variety of ocean view lots, from smaller lots at the lower elevation, starting as low as $98,000 USD, to higher elevation premium lots in the $350,000 range.

We are often asked the question "how big are the lots?", but the answer is that the lots are not priced based on size, as 70% of a lot may be sloped terrain, not a flat building pad. Each lot, regardless of the total size, provides an ocean view and a building pad large enough for a single story 4000-6000 ft home. We’ve design the lots for maximum view and enough room for a comfortable home, be it one to three stories. Many of the lots could also accommodate a small 4-6 residence two-story condo structure, or a B&B/Eco Lodge.

In general, our lots increase in size and the views become more spectacular as you go further up the mountain, and the climate is much cooler at the top. So typically, the lower lots are the least expensive, the higher lots also commanding the higher prices.

Lot prices on every project are always lowest when they start, and continue increasing in price as more homes are built and the community expands and advances, and Carara is no different. Price and availability are based on the short term window of 90 days out.

Carara Ocean View Community offers two different designations or "types" of lots:

1. "Retail Lots" meaning someone could get a building permits tomorrow, full water/electric/roads and services to the front of the lots, fully segregated and titled.

2. "Development Lots", these are for investors that do not want or need to build today, and want to get their prime lot at today's prices, often saving $100,000 per lot versus a retail lot with the same location/views/size.

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