Welcome to the #1 location in Costa Rica for ocean view retirement living. We are positioned in the center of the best ecotourism zone of Costa Rica, right on the central pacific coast and bordered by Carara National Park. For those that have a passion for nature and want the best ocean views in the world, you’ve come home.

Our group has been developing these 750 acres of rainforest paradise into our vision: the Carara Ocean View Community.

Although our entire development spans over 750 acres, it is not one large parcel of land. Our project is spread over multiple phases on either side of Carara Mountain Boulevard, cascading down the mountainside at altitudes between 2,000 and 900 ft above sea level. This allows us to have several individual gated communities, between 10 and 100 acres large and each with their own charm, as part of the larger Carara Ocean View Community.

Carara Project History 2004-2018

3 Main Reasons for our Development & Investment Vision

  1. The most incredible 360 degree panoramic ocean, coastal and mountain views

  2. The Perfect Location in all of Costa Rica for retirement living and eco-tourism

  3. The cooler Mountain Climate that does not require A/C, even though we are right above the beaches.

After searching for years for the best ocean view property in Costa Rica, we fell in love with these 750 acres and its unparalleled views. We had finally found the perfect location: cool climate, close to everything we needed, and the breathtaking 360° views of the nearby beaches, surrounding rainforest, and river valley to the north. We couldn’t believe that this paradise was only minutes away from the most popular beach towns, marinas, and golf resorts in Costa Rica, and only one hour away from San Jose and every convenience expected in a modern city.  


We have been steadily working on raw land development here since 2005. We’ve segregated parcels, cut roads and ocean view lots, installed water and electricity to all of the phases, and in 2013, we finally began building homes.


In 2016, we started expanding and planning the next three phases:

  • The Carara Conservation Community, with two-story ocean view Rainforest Residences at a $250,000-$300,000 price point

  • The Carara Ocean View 5-Star Eco-Resort

  • “The Peaks”, 17 incredible ocean view parcels at the top of Carara Mountain, where the unique Carara Rainforest Towers will be located, offering ocean view residences in a vertical rainforest environment.

The Best 750 Acres

in Costa Rica





It has been our goal since the beginning to differentiate our project with actions, instead of just painting a pretty picture of something that wasn’t real. In fact, as of 2017, we have opened the doors to our Ocean View Resort Center in order to host our potential buyers and investors, because we truly believe that no photos or videos can come close to the experience of actually being on our mountain. Since we opened for client stays on the mountain, every client that has visited, has become a new owner or investor.

For over 11 years we have been dedicated to creating the foundation to present the #1 Community in Costa Rica, offering breathtaking ocean views, amazing nature in a breezy mountain climate, and of course, a luxurious, tropical, “Blue Zone” inspired community.

We are very proud of the several phases that we have already built for Ocean View Resort facilities, homes, condos, and Rainforest Residences. Our Community has grown with the construction of several Ocean View Villas valued at over $650,000, and we expect to soon begin some impressive Ocean View Estate Homes valued at over $1,000,000.

However, we are also aware that not everyone is interested in a large retirement home. That is why Carara Ocean View Community has partnered with the renowned firm BGS, to design two new Ocean View options: the two-story/two-bedroom Rainforest Residences and the two-story/three-bedroom Eagles Eye Villas. These options offer the best of tropical living and are an ideal solution for those looking for this unique location and lifestyle, as well as a product that is easily rentable when not in use, in a comfortable $350,000-$450,000 range for full ownership or fractional ownership starting as low as $30,000 for those that prefer that.

We truly hope that you will enjoy our progress reports and keep in touch, because 2019 is looking like it’s going to be a very exciting year for us and our clients. 

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The Largest Close Ocean View Development in Costa Rica...

750 acres of beautiful Rainforest on the edge of Carara National Park and bordering the Tallest Waterfall in Costa Rica.