The One Rule for Real Estate Investing that has remaining the MOST important rule, and unchanged regardless of country, market or moment, is that for short or long term profitability, and particulalry ongong rental income, NOTHING will define that more than your location.

We are the ONLY Costa Rica Ocean View Community that is;

  1. In front of the CLOSEST Beaches to San Jose

  2. Only one hour from San Jose International Airport

  3. Right above the beach at 1000 to 2000 ft elevation, only 5 to 10 minutes from your Ocean View Villa.

  4. All 1000 Acres / 20 Phases accesses on 100% Paved roads

  5. Surrounded by a 12,000 Acre Nature Reserve

  6. 10 to 25 minutes from the 3 Largest Beach Communities
    (Punta Leona, Jaco Beach, and Los Suenos Marina)

  7. Over 250 Restaurants within 5 to 30 minutes

  8. The GOLD COAST of Costa Rica, our 20 mile stretch of coastline receives 90% of all Costa Rica Luxury Tourism

May 2020-2-Carara Coastal Lifestyle Zone
May 2020-3-Beaches of the Carara Mountai